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How To Motivate

January 20, 2014

How to motivate:      As a recruiter, I am often asked about how to keep employees motivated and productive. It’s essential since companies today must accomplish more with fewer people in an ever changing business environment. The most successful businesses must be lean, responsive, and strategic.

To start with, hire bright, energetic, innovative employees who are the right fit with your business. Then offer them the right incentives–the ones that will impact their personality types–to keep them mentally and emotionally invested in doing their best.

Research indicates that people perform best when they are given autonomy, opportunity for mastery, and the belief that their task is meaningful. Money is not the best motivator, as employees want to have some control over their work.

If a business gives its people the time to think, be creative and try new ideas, the business will flourish. An example is Google’s “20% time,” where employees are able to spend one day a week on whatever they want, is a shining example of using intrinsically-based motivations. Personal endeavours from “20% time” resulted in Gmail, Google News, Orkut, and AdSense.

There’s no question that intrinsic motivation or a sense of accomplishment or purpose is essential. A skillful entrepreneur keeps employees motivated with a combination of both extrinsic motivation (raises, bonuses, commissions, awards, titles, flex time, and other perks) and intrinsic motivation.

That said, there is no single approach to motivating all your people. What inspires one person may not work with the next employee.

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Lead or be led

January 12, 2014

Information noted from Proteus Leaders breakfast Brisbane 2013
Some insights for leaders:
” The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers”.
“Leadership is Influence – nothing more, nothing less”.
Followers who now have more power than ever were polled in Australia and the
results also reflect the global statistics.
The verdict on what is most required in a leader is:

  •  Honesty 93%
  •  Forward looking 83%
  •  Inspiring – 73%
  •  Competent – 59%

So honesty and hope with insight was the main message, and recruit leaders who

  •  keep it simple
  •  leave their ego at the door,
  • and take the best versions of themselves off to work,
  • who can grow and celebrate successes (and keep celebrating) with their teams, aim big and get working

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